What has changed for you since you joined Team Bora-hansgrohe?

A lot is different, it feels much bigger and more important now. And the demands on me are increasing. People talk to me more often during training. A lot of people just want to know what it’s like to be a pro. In addition, I travel a lot more, and the trips are longer.

How does it feel to wear World Tour Team Bora-hansgrohe’s kit?

It is slowly becoming a part of daily life. But when I look at my sleeves and see the BORA-hansgrohe logo, I am reminded that a dream has come true. I am a professional cyclist.

You spent most of the winter in Girona. Why?

Last year, I already spent a lot of time on Mallorca. I realized that it is better to live in Spain during the entire winter. The climate is better and I can definitely train on a higher level.

Do you feel homesick sometimes when you travel so far and often?

Homesick? I don’t know. But I am very happy when I come back home after a few weeks. And I am also very happy when it comes to traveling again. The next challenge awaits then.

What does being a professional cyclist mean to you?

On the one hand, cycling is now truly my profession, and it has now automatically moved to the foreground. If I have any appointments, training always has priority. On the other hand, cycling is still my hobby; it’s still fun and I am still passionate about it.

How do you feel about your team?

For me, the team Bora-hansgrohe is an absolute dream team, especially because the German mentality is so predominant. This means that there are always many people you can talk to on the same level because there are no language barriers. All in all, Bora-hansgrohe is the perfect team for me.

What does family mean to you?

My family is very important to me. Without them, I would not be standing where I am now. They all supported me on the road to becoming a professional cyclist, and also invested a lot to get me to my races. I am glad to be able to return something.

How do you deal with losing?

In the beginning, you are often disappointed. But then, losing builds me up again and motivates me to do better the next time.

What do you think about cycling’s past and its future?

You can see that cycling is becoming more and more popular. In my home region, more and more young cyclists are joining clubs, which is a very pleasing development. I think it will go uphill from here in the future.

At the beginning of 2017, a street was named after you in your home town, Minfeld: "Pascal Ackermann-Weg". What did you think when you heard about it?

The mayor told me beforehand. Quite frankly, it was an indescribable feeling when he handed me the road sign. The next day, the real sign was on the street’s signpost. It is more than just a great symbol of recognition. My home region stands behind me, visibly – that motivates me all the more.